The Pointer Battalion JROTC Corps of Cadets at Van Buren High School

Command Chain of Command SY 2014-2015

Van Buren JROTC Drill Meet LOI and Results 2015
Cadet Creed
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Command Chain of Command SY 2014-2015
College Action Plan
Uniform Wear Tips
Pictures and Video
Calendar 2014-2015
Awards and Ranks
Inspection Questions, Marching Commands and Drill Team and Color Guard Questions
Links for your future

The Honorable Barack Obama
President of the United States


Secretary of Defense
Honorable Chuck Hagel


GEN Odierno Chief of Staff, Army


Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
LT Gen David Perkins


Peggy Combs

Brigadier General

Cadet Command Commander



COL William Richardson
Director, Amry JROTC

Col Ricardo Morales
5th Bridage Commander


Mike Akins
Senior Army Instructor




Battalion Leaders for the Van Buren JROTC
Corps of Cadets
SY 2014-2015
 Battalion Commander...           

 C/LTC Ty Finch

Battalion Executive Officer...   
C/LTC Adam Prince
Battalion S1...                    
C/1LTAustin Sampson
Battalion S2...    
Maj Tyler Holt                       
Battalion S3... 
Maj Alex White                      
Battalion S4...       
Maj Makayla Medrano
Battalion S5...  
C/Cpt Dalton Martin                       
Battalion  CSM...    
C/CSM John Martin
Company Commanders and 1SG
Alpha...C/Cpt Tia Horton              C/1SG Conrad Fleming
Bravo ... C/CPT TBA
Charlie  ... C/Cpt C. Garrettson    C/1SG Joshua Wright
Delta...C/Cpt Isacc Sap                 C/1SG Kimberly Moore
Echo...C/CPT Zach Harmon         C/1SG Waylon Case
Foxtrot...C/Cpt  Zariah James     C/1SG Chandler Hoffman
Golf... C/Cpt C. Santana               C/1SG Raven Clark
Hotel... C/ CPT  TBA      

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